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About Parijat Retreat Ranikhet

The north Indian state of Uttarakhand has been lauded for it’s awe-inspiring natural beauty, breathtaking views of the highest mountain ranges in the world - the Himalayas; the high altitude caverns, lakes and rivers, beholding religious significance that has been attracting pilgrims since ages. It is an exemplar of godly haven on earth, the destination for saints and holy men revering life of peace and sanctity. The land carries pious and ethereal essence of religious and spiritual beliefs that are bound with the divinity of the holy grounds.
Today, with the change of time the touristic fervor towards the region has changed and so have the visitors.

The insatiable drive to escape from the endlessly toiling, chaotic and slaved city life, where we have everything that we may need but moments of subtle peace, the tranquil environs of Parijat Retreat, offers you exactly that and much more to revive your soul with fresh air, clear waters, cold and refreshing winds, releasing you from the sweaty hot summers; while dreamy monsoons with light showers, replenishing the land and the raindrops drumming the roofs and leaves creating a musical melody, drains away your monotony, while the dramatic vision of snow crystals, falling like beautiful white pearls in the mysteriously placid and quiet winters will leave you awestruck. This place has all the elements that make it a paradise for an ardent nature lover.

Along with the natural beauty this place also happens to be the centre for travelers seeking to indulge in wildlife safaris and not just in the national park but a real venture in the deep and dense forests of Kumaon, giving you a thrilling sensation- listening to the sounds of wild animals. And only if that was enough, Parijat Retreat gives you the experience of living in the valley under the majestic embrace of the Himalayas, the steep flowing rivers, the green lush step-fields and the Kumaoni hamlets with slate roof tiles along the curvy -winding roads. This magnificent view of the region from the bottom of the valley to the top of the grand mountain peaks is nothing short of an unforgettable time in a dreamland.


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Parijat Retreat, situated in a small village called Danpo, at a height of 5500 feet, Bhatrojkhan, District Almora, lies right next to the famous Corbett National Park, the Retreat is a soothing abode built of stones, giving it a traditional look and feel of occupancy - awaits you with warm exuberance. The land offers you an opportunity to feel the magic of the mountains, experience the nature and wildlife in the up-close vicinity and know the many secrets of the ancient medicinal science of Ayurvedic herbs, plants and rare species of trees growing in the wild in the forests; and to add up to this a rendezvous with the traditional cultural flavour of the Kumaoni customs and life style. And even so the visit has much more to offer – the lively and holy river Ramganga adding to the scenic beauty of the place and the four religious abodes, namely, Gangotri, Yamnotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath also known as the ‘char dhaam’ of the land of Gods - ‘Uttarakhand’.

You have the heavenly comfort of an amazing view of the Himalayan ranges from the rooms of the property, including, an astounding view of some snow clad peaks like, Bandar Poonch, Chaukhamba, Kedar Dome, Neelkanth, Saptringa, Kamet and others. The adventure begins from here forth, as we are most delighted to provide our guests with a string of outdoor and indoor recreational activities that include:

  • Jungle Hiking
  • Horse Riding
  • Yoga
  • Night Sky Observation
  • Spa
  • Sightseeing(Ranikhet)

We assure you a comfortable recreation and relaxation in the very lap of nature and believe that your stay and experience with us will surely want you to visit us again.